16 09 2010
How to improve your PLN in #PLENK2010
Personal Learning Networks in Distance Education
Alec Couros, “My PLN definition is simple: personal learning networks
are the sum of all social capital and connections that result in
the development and facilitation of a personal learning environment.”


Immerse Yourself via blogging (self-hostedWordpress), wikis (Wikispaces), social bookmarking (Delicious),

photo sharing (Flickr), video sharing (Youtube, BlipTV), and microblogging (Twitter, Plurk).

Learn to Read Social Media via specialized search tools such as Technorati, Google Blog Search, or WhosTalkin and via social media browsers such as Flock and Feedly since Social media is read much differently than traditional media.

Strengthen Your PLN via  producing content,  Feedback on the contribution and participating in digital conferences

Know Your Connections since they would be willing to assist

PLNs are central  for sustained, long-term learning, for students and facilitators alike. The best part of an open course is that the connections which are built, never have to end or as  MOOC PLENK2010 participant Barbara Fillip wrote in one of the forum discussions “In other words, I may have a strong PLE but a weak PLN.”




2 responses

17 09 2010
Chris Jobling

On going through the week 1 readings, I also found that Couros’ definition of PLN resonated most with me.

I also liked @catspyjamaszn’s (Joyce Setzenburger) graphic ( that was mentioned in one of Couros’ references ( and also appeared in The graphic and associated commentary asserts that a PLE is a subset of a person’s PLN.

17 09 2010

Thanks for your comment, I will check out everything on Sunday.

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