Thoughts about PLE

25 09 2010

To convince an institution, whether to use PLE or LMS, is simply talking about the costs.

During  the 2nd week of #PLENK2010 activities these two tables were created by Linn Gustavsson . They demonstrate exactly the VLE  situation I’m working in currently. I use PLE in five courses. Alltogether the maintenance hours per week for PLE blogging  are only THREE. May be it  is worth to  considder the cost question more seriously, of course everbody for himself.

Another important thought is about artifacts. George Siemens wrote,  “From my experience in learning and in teaching online courses, creating something is an important activity. When you create a blog post, podcast, or concept map, you’re sharing your sensemaking activities with others. Others, who are at a similar point in the course, may find resonance with your artifact. Your sensemaking activity becomes a node that others can connect to and engage with. Multiple sensemaking artifacts offer more diversity than only centering activites around readings and resources that the instructor has provided. To accomplish this task he advises us to structure our thoughts with the help of concept mapping.

My  thoughts about doing so were  shaped in the disscussion forum on CM we had this week. In mindmapping the ego is the center of world, whereas in concept mapping the ego gets through the act of mapping itself to the conclusion , that he or she is part of an enviroment.  So, it depends upon the individual, the situation and the technical skills for choosing one or the other system.




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