Trailmeme is a new kind of publishing that allows you to blaze and walk trails through the web. I thought, it would be an opportunity for me to create with this tool the assignment of  3rd week MOOC #PLENK2010. As George Siemens mentioned it, an artifact of learning.

My colleagues are mostly Web 1.0 practitioners. To all of us pedagogy comes first, technology later.  If one would ask me, how one may learn about the future of the web, I would tell her “A trail walk through the web will enhance your knowledge”.

I see my  documentary of my own learning via Trailmeme as an offer to fellow teachers. While walking the trail, I hope they will understand the contend “The future of the web”. Further more I hope , it will help them  to gain more confidence to start deep-digging the web by themselves.

Since my colleagues mother tongue is German, I named my trail “Webgang”, which resembles the word “Krebsgang”, the walk of a crab. The term is used in music as well.

The signposts are in German too, but I presume, you will be able to walk the trail anyhow. Moreover  you will find your own work  included.

When you get to my trail, please click  the start button on top of map to the right. Attention! Goole chrom browser does to support  trailmeme, windows explorer works fine. Since trailmeme is beta, please inform me, when you will encounter other problems. Thanks for your help.

Webgang on Trailmeme.

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