4th week “It’s the journey …”

8 10 2010

This week started with a guide from Dave Cormier “Surviving week 4 of a MOOC”.  I was bewildered, survival is to strong a word – but while wandering the paths of the #PENK 2010 trails I found , there is still a lot of frustration going on. The ability of the individium  to cope with  the strategy of this course, the immense readings , the focus on relevant information and  the struggle to find friends made me sad and wonder.

Good to see, there is help offered too. All kinds of suggestions are given, like “be aware of your own goal”, create  “not to do lists” or the adaptation of the   “salutogenic model”,  which  emphasizes the relationship between health, stress and coping.

This reminded me of a course I took a few years ago.  The lecturer introduced us to the poem of Constantine P. Cavafy

Ιθάκη (Ithca)

“It’s the journey …” this is the confirmation of my life and it changed my  attitude towards life.  Enjoy the wonderful reading I found on this website or ricited by Sean Connery.

I remind myself every day to enjoy acting to live this way.  My hope is, that you will take some comfort in it as well.





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9 10 2010

Thanks for this post Eva

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