Visitors & Residents

18 10 2010
Who are you? A visitor or a resident of the network? As a #PLENKer you have to ask yourself .
A lecture about people and their access to the network by David White, Oxford. He  explains with the support of the tool prezi the principle developed by him. For a long time I have not hung on someone’s  lips like him. Until the last moment it remains a surprise.
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18 10 2010

Hi Eva, thanks for sharing this video. I liked it. I choose to comment here and I show my face twice in my blog. Does it make me more of a resident than visitor? 🙂

19 10 2010

Hi Linn,
as I understood the principle, being a ressident means, that even when you are offline, other residents and visitors are able to visit your site(s) and use the contend provided by you. In this sense you are truly a resident.
Keep up blogging

24 10 2010
Jim Stauffer

Great video for reflecting on my use of the web. Goal orientated – that’s my primary approach. I’m interested in what problems I can solve with the tools – how I can learn what I need to know. I have not become a resident although the technology is fairly easy for me. Perhaps explains why I won’t make full use of Twitter or SL, no matter how facinating or useful they seem.

Reminds me of a stand-up comic I once heard comparing the difference between how men and women go shopping. Men go into a store, locate the target, acquire, and get out.

24 10 2010

Jim, exactly I as a woman shop differently. At home I think who is coming for dinner, how much time can I invest for preparing the dinner and then I m going to read the recipies. While reading the tasty ingredients, I taste on my tongue the future dish, going to be served. Then I make a shopping list, and decide where and when I’m going to buy the groceries.
And twitter, I dont know yet ,how it will taste for me. Therefore your post on Twitter is important to me. You are my taster.

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