The Facilitator of 7th week #PLENK2010

30 10 2010

I ask myself, how  Stephen Downes has managed such a busy week. I, as tiny data from slide no. 14, enjoyed  his pictures of  Monterrey. But I should see myself as agent provocateur , an educational leader, since I’m  advancing my own education by sharing my learning with others. Through  rewriting and redefining myself, I show, what it looks like to get an education, and what it looks like to offer an education.


October 25, 2010. XXVI Simposio Internacional de Computación en la Educación 2010, Monterrey, Mexico (Keynote).

Stephen Downes own remix of Open Education Recources,

“Graham Attwell links to Steve Wheeler’s presentation on open education resources (OERs) given to the 2010 EDEN Research Workshop. The presentation reinforced the idea that OERs are really the creations of a community sharing content with itself. Why is this important? Well, because contrasted with that is the picture of content as commodity, of publishers creating and students consuming, of a view of education as a market, rather than a social or community activity. View more presentations from European Distance and E-Learning Network.”

Please, watch his video

The Future of Open Educational Resources

October 26, 2010 he delivered to OER in the Disciplines, London, UK, via video.

Every day he published the THE DAILY PLENK2010 and his own network.

With the help of  oldaily




One response

1 11 2010
Chris Jobling

In the interests of accuracy, I believe that The Daily pretty much generates itself with a little input from the facilitators. But yes, I agree, an impressive work load.

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