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6 11 2010

” I sense” , my personal state of mind in Personal Knowledge  Mangement is exactly at this point, at least in #PLENK2010.

During the month of march I came across a post of Harold Jarche  “Artisans choose  their tools”. In those days I did not know what a great figure Harold Jarche is in the field of education, since I  am a newbie to the web world. But his article made perfect sense to me.

“I sensed” while  working on my project about  “Web 2.0 tools” months later, how precious his expertise is in the  “Internet Time Alliance“. So, I was looking forward to hear Harold Jarche on Personal Knowledge Management in the Elluminate session.

“I sense” his sense making   “I seek, I sense, I share” appeals to me mostly, since  as a self assigned learner  I made this experience or as Stephen Downes commented “We have so much in common”.

” I sensed”, during the recorded session, that I have to explain myself more in my blog “via פλenK.

” I sense”, my setup of my blog  “via פλenK”  looks moore like a workshop of an artisan than of  a usual blog. Yes, of course for the skilled long time blogger a blog is a place of reflection and sense making. I have seen beautiful blogs like these in PLENK2010. I like to read them,  I see the deep thoughts and insides of the human mind about PLE or PLN. Some I savour  for the love of the English Language alone. I can comment on them, so we share, but can I create on their input?

“I sense” , from the first week of PLENK210 I wanted my blog to be a place where others may watch, how I work  – learn. I had in mind studends, those who crawl behind in the course, or spectators to pick up things, I aggregated during our shared PLENK2010 experience.

” I sensed” via פλenK does not look aesthetic, artisans workshop never do,  but everybody may feel free to dig, seek, sense and share. And if one may not find anything relevant, there are enough signpost to other blogs, where I got information.

“I sense” , a blog facade gives inside of its owner . ” I live online” .  You too?




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7 11 2010

I did not live online until I took this course and got hooked up to the communication applications. I used to live at my desk, which I still do, but ever so much time is now spent conversing with people I had never met before. I am also now trying out so many devises and such.
I like your blogsite.

7 11 2010
Scott Johnson

The Artisan / Tool blog answers a question I’ve had about my contribution at work being devalued and my overly personal response to it. (History: I was raised by artist parents to observe closely and be responsible / answerable for my “work”. To seek the unanswerable for what it can teach, not necessarily for the answer it gives. As a result of this I’ve been a total screw-up most of my life but I haven’t stopped working on it).

Anyway, the tension at work is explained by the simple notion that you can’t be separated from your tools and be an artisan. At work, the media creators are in constant conflict with the IT department who control tool “flow” through software selection, tool usability through deciding what constitutes “proper operation” (how broken something can be before it gets fixed) and finally tool acquisition.

The people I work with accept these absurd conditions but not quietly which is one of the reasons I work at home. In their world being bullied by techies is the norm and the known “price” of being part of the organization. This broken relationship with the very tools of their vocation results in more excuses than product. And poor product at that.

And of course, all this is all embedded in the larger dysfunction known as a College.

It is not my wish to be special or privileged that disappoints me in this drama. It’s only the desire to do something without the entirely unnecessary barriers that institutions seem to nourish.

This PLENK course has been amazing in releasing ideas for change and personal insights into how we interact with our larger environment. Surely it relates to the quality of input available at blogs like this.

Thank You.

15 11 2010
Guillaume Janssen

Yes, and at the same time, to stay with the tools analogy, doesn’t artisan blogging allow you to carry out a certain amount of “bricolage” ( ie “to make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are at hand (regardless of their original purpose)”.
Keep your blog as it is, it is great.

15 11 2010

Bon ami Guillaume,
thanks for teaching me something new. Bricoleur, sounds so nice in French – isn’t there a feminine form?
Actually I have 90 studends in six classes right now, so there is no other way for me of managing PLENK 2010.
All the best to you for the last week in this course

14 04 2013
#COER13 – Bricolage | GI Tel Aviv

[…] Canadier namens   Guillaume Janssen hatte mich aufgeklärt, dass veränderte Kopien als Bricolage mit Angabe des Originals zu […]

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