Twitter seed

8 11 2010

Every week at least one insight appears quite out of the blue that knocks me flat. During the 8th week it was, ” To be heard –  you need to tweet!”

Already in the 6th week I noticed that the discussions and contributions in the general forums decreased. Instead new birds were chirping in the  PLENK Forest. Immediately  the old crows came forward. Abandoning the territory to the chicks singing – never!

I think there are only two continuous web content suppliers:  News websites and blogs. And from these two sources  Twitterers relate most of their links.  Either by linking the pages or withdrawing contend from them with links.

The logical conclusion would be  –   stop blogging then there will be less chirping.

But real #PLENK2010ers puffed themselves up. They tore their own blog entries into slips of paper and tweeted.

Apparently, this behavior is a global phenomenon. According to a survey by Technorati
more than half of bloggers questioned said that they write less or much less items than before – only 20 percent are  investing more time than before. Asked about the motives, former want to care more for job and family.

I’m not an ornithologist-  I’m a blogger. But  I have pity . Somebody has to provide Twitter seed.




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