Chirpy, chirpy, tweet, tweet

20 11 2010


It was such a pleasant time in #PLENK2010 and I begin to miss my PLN allready. So I checked out whether it is still functioning. It is, and in the live stream I found Heli and another tweet “Twitter – A Teaching and Learning Tool”. I red the article carefully and got convinced to sign up for twitter. I’m a little bit shaky after sending out my first tweet. Actually it was my second since I made a mistake first. It may be forgiven.

I’m not afraid to lose my identity. Rita calmed us all by mentioning “It has also surprised me how you can even on Twitter get the feel for a person, so it has humanized the people on the course for me.”




3 responses

21 11 2010
Heli Nurmi

Hi Eva,
networks never die, they live so long we need them and want them to live! let’s keep in touch

24 11 2010
Chris Jobling

Hi Eva

What’s your twitter handle?


26 11 2010

I’m new to Twitter, too, Eva. I was lured in by our fellow tweeting PLENK2010ers. Never thought I’d find it more than intellect-lite and fun but really have been impressed by the quality of the resources and the glimpses into someone’s personality in a succession of just 140 characters.

I’m Cris2B and I plan to stay active in the #PLENK2010 feed. Hope to see you there.

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