To larkspur

8 01 2011

Eventually I did not indend to join another MOOC so quickly after PLENK2010, but through my new engagement to Twitter I learned about #LAK11. The suggestion is a six week course on Learning and Knowledge Analytics, gladly offered by George Siemens and Dave Cormier.

Currently I’m working on an open model using blogs alongside the tutorials. I recognized, that the word-of mouth comments of my students differed from the data of the blogs, and before I’m going to implement new tools, I need to better understand what’s happening. In my notion, learning analytics should be applied to enhance the learning experience of my learners. Therefore I am very interested in this course and how learning analytics can help me to manage the process.
OK, only six weeks engagement is required, that makes the issue more attractive. On the other hand, where will I find time to manage the whole project, since lurking is not an option? So, I decided to spur, of course myself. That means according to the statistical language translation (Google Translate) in my mother tongue spornen, antreiben, stacheln (3rd option is a  nonsense).

An other option is to lark – the various dictionaries say, it does not exist and sounds to familiar with to park, to mark, to bark. May I use to larkspur?

At least I have shown you, how my participation in LAK11 will look like.




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