3rd week Vis Major

My retirement due to force majeure happened in the 3rd week of #LAK11, where we were supposed to engage with




The week started promissing with Hans de Zwart’s post “Technology as a solution”, where he  discussed Hadoop, how the technology is commoditised and we should start with asking interesting questions, skills for data scientists, connectivism and learning analytics, worries and concerns around analytics, SNAPP, and the spammability of open online courses. But vis major changed my attendance.

Thanks to the  weekly summary of  Ignatia focused on the semantic web, linked data and how intelligent curriculum will enhance our learning and Stefaan Vande Walle’s post, questioning the web as a database, I will be able to continue in LAK11.

Stehen Downes wrote this week in OLDaily, “I have downloaded and been experimenting with NodeXL, an Excel plug-in that created network diagrams given a set of connections (ie., nodes and edges). He posted a few recent network diagrams he has  covered  in OLDaily. Bonni Stachowiak commented on the post, telling him about this service that creates a diagram of his LinkedIn connections.

Martin Weller tweeted “Interesting comment on student disenfranchisement in MOOCs on my blog, we shouldn’t ignore this kind of reaction” in respond to his question “What is the learner responsibility in open education?” My answer in my current position ” Continue and read later”.

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