6th week Technologie as a solution for whom?

18 02 2011

My estimation is, if you participate in the first course of a new subject in a MOOC, the possibility to meet highly skilled experts in the field is given. In my case I hit the jackpot by meeting such a huge number of experts.

The first, Hans de Zwart, gives a detailed summary of his  findings and raises the questionTechnology as a solution

The second, Bert De Couter, is reflecting about his experiences in the 5th week, which are very similar to mine. For me, this is a sign, that I  as a professional from another discipline, understand the content of the course.  Still I have to learn very much.

Therefore, I find the tweet from Nicola Avery , another expert and a true friend,   how to use  Gapminder desktop enormous helpful. This week she writes about Creating OPML files and importing into Google Reader.

The experts in this course -some I have noted in previous posts – have expanded my PLE and promise a further learning in various ways.

Unfortunately I could only once follow a Elluminate session. The guest speaker was Simon Buckingham Shum . For me his slideshow contains enough subject matter  to deal with further.



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18 02 2011

Thanks Eva, actually one of the things we haven’t used in Learning Analytics was the TrailMeme tool that you did a brilliant trail on in PLENK2010.

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