Learning Analytics a Learnchat – Formative = en route; summative = end of journey

31 03 2011
This week’s topic
lrnchat lrnchat was Learning Analytics
Rule4. Remember to include #lrnchat in all posts.http://tweetchat.com http://tweetgrid.comhttp://twubs.com work well.

Jane Hart

C4LPT Jane Hart
Q1) We don’t collect learning data – because it’s a meaningless activity. We are only interested in performance data #lrnchat
Simbeck-HampsonRT @LnDDave: Q1) I rarely share data. I collect data so I can tell a credible story. < point in case… #lrnchat
Eva BirgerRT @mrch0mp3rs: Q2) Who owns the data once its been collected?#lrnchat #lrnchat
Q2) btw, check out “Web analysts code of ethics”, interesting read:http://bit.ly/ev5qxg #lrnchat
RT @lrnchat: Q3) How are you collecting formative and summative data now? #lrnchat
RT @c4lpt: Q3) Formative = en route; summative = end of journey#lrnchat
RT @JaneBozarth: Summative evaluation = evaluation by autopsy. Examine after the patient has died… <LOL #lrnchat
RT @LnDDave: RT @c4lpt: Q4) Whoooa dont even go there! Social activity data is as meaningless as LMS data #lrnchat

Further reading  Web analysts agree on a code of ethics




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