Action Mapping – Saving the World from Boring eLearning

11 09 2011

Is lack of knowledge really the cause of the problem? What can we do to give the learner the experience to learn through success and failure.  We learn by: experiencing things, drawing conclusions from the situation, so we build a “case” in our own minds.

According to Cathy Moore we as mentors or tutors, we need to find the courage and strength to push back requests who want us to just push the information. Instead ask, “what do we need the learners to do?”  We need to redefine our roles in organizations from converting infomration in a course to becoming performance consultants.

So, what is Action Mapping?

1. The Strategic Goal. Start with a measurable goal for your project. Why does this elearning deserve to exist? How will the org benefit in a measurable way? (the bulls eye)

2. Real world actions people need to do to reach this goal. (the green triangles)

3. Practice activities – to practice what people need to DO. (the orange hands)

4. Crucial information needed for that activity. (the blue dots)

(You should only put in the course that which the learner needs to use – everything else should go in the job aid!)

via Cammy Beans Learning Visions




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