Harold Jarche,  Social Learning Complexity and the Enterprise

Spoelstra, Howard; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Sloep, Peter Supporting Project Team Formation for Self-directed Learners

Clark Quinn Thinking through Performing and Learning

Abhijit Kadle Upside’s Learning Design

Basics of APA Style

Harold Jarche  Seven Years and 95 Theses


George Siemens Etiquette in Social Media

Internet Time Alliance and The Great LMS Debate

Green Chameleon Trends in Knowledge Management

Studio Thinking in Practise

A method and tool to support the analysis and enhance the understanding of peer- to- peer learning experiences

How Holograms Work

via Open Media My Amplify

George Siemens How do you mange your information

Dave Cormier My personal PLE model is the internet – no more system for me

Why my friends and I don’t use Twitter — and probably never will

Perspectives on Tag Clouds for supporting Reflection in Self-Organised Learning

JISC  Dynamic learning maps

Paul Zak  Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love

The Huffington Post   A World to Change

Helge Scherlund Getting Startet inSocial Media

Glen Gatin The pedagogy of propinquity

Dr. Bob Kizlik Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Education


Learning in Organisations

Malcolm Knowles Informal adult education, self direction and Andragogy

Stephen Downes

Dimensions of a Learning Network

Decentralized Learning

What Connectivism Is

What Connectivism is Not

Lisa Dawley Sozial Network Knowledge Construction: emerging virtual world pedagogy

see also: post

Alec Couros Developing Personal Learning Networks for Social Learning

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