Oscar Berg Why traditiona lintranets fail today’s knowledge workers

Gráinne Conole Transformation through new e-pedagogies–the future of learning

Harold Jarche Manageging in a Networked World

Stephen Downes Connectivist Learning : How new technologies are  promoting autonomy and responsibility in education 

StepNicolas Garcia Belmonte Principles of Analytical Design

7 Tips to create visual presentations

Jon Dron Distance Learning: the fourth generation

George Siemens Learner self-organization in complex knowledge settings

Dave Cormier Ideas collide: Openness for creativity, innovation and sustainability

Steven Downes Beyond Workplace Learning

Steve Farnsworth Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

Rita Kop & Helene Fournier  MOOC research

Stephen Downes  “The Doer”

Abelardo Prado Stepping out of the box Towards analytics outside the LMS

George Siemens Presentations, those he enjoyed watching #LAK11

Stephen Downes The Role of Educator in a PLE World


Stephen Downes The Representative Student

The 5 big mistakes in virtual education

Harold Jarche  I Seek, I Sense, We Share or Personal Knowledge Management

Stephen Downes  Dimensions of Learning Networks

George Siemens Managing & Learing in Massive(ly) Open Online Courses

Steve Wheeler Web 3.0  The way forward?

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