Dave Gray How to know what to  draw

Dietmar Dahmen, Old ways don’t lead to new goals

goanimate Connectivism as seen by Aboluay – v2.1

A 7th grade student gives a tour of her personal learning environment(symbaloo) Welcome to my PLE

Social Media Checklist

Project Based Learning: Explained.

Jonas Bäckelin Connective Knowledge (#CCK11)

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks

Web 2.0 and Your Own Learning and Development (Stephen Downes 2007 on google videos)

Break free of courses: Try an instructional job aid

What is a MOOC 3rd Version

Personal Learning Networks – the what, why and how

A chat about some ideas between Learning Management System and Personal Learning Environment.

 RSA by Sir Ken Robinson

Scott McLeod       12 videos to spark educators’ thinking

Stephen Downes The Future of Open Educational Resources

xtranormal PLENK2010 The most awsome course on planet earth

Academic Earth   Online degrees and video courses from leading universities.

QualiaSoup  Critical Thinking

RSA    21Century Enlightment

Zaid Ali Alsagoff PLENK 2010-The most awsome course on planet earth

Sugata Mitra The child driven education TED

Personal Lerning Networks for Educators

Very first draft of “how to be successfull in a MOOC”

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